About Us

From the time of start SUSHIL UDYOG in 1990 by Mr. Sushil Sharma, we travel through out the world and export lot of antique and contemporary furniture from india. Now we are offering our new brand DEZARO for our indian users / customers to shop online from our factory. At dezaro everything is order to make and we will always deliver a fresh made piece to our customers.

Dezaro - Setting Trends in Handicrafts - is an online shopping website that provides a wide range of trending, ethnic, artistic and classic handicraft products which provide a mesmerizing effect to your interiors and homes. We have a rich collections of about 5000 products range available in different categories like Decor, Living room, Garden, Outdoor and Antique Furnitures & many more products made from various raw materials like iron, wood, paper mesh & many more present on suitable prices with good customer services.

The brand delivers across India and is known for its prompt customer service and facilities like free assembly and 1 year warranty. With an international-quality assortment of 5000+ furniture, décor products ,garden and outdoor furniture and much more antique furniture and handicarft.

At dezaro we strongly present our product becuase we are not showing retailer's or manufecturer's product , becuase we are the manufecturer and we have more then 5000+ more product category, so do not have need to make a group of retailers etc. We will make a product on demand of customer and will ship it on there door steps.

We have our own factory and showroom. We deliver our product through our dezaro factory. That's why we says Shop Directly Through Factory.The brand leaves no stone unturned in delighting its customers with a wide range of products and impeccable quality.


Dezaro.com is an online shopping website of one of the best and ethnic handicraft Industry of Jodhpur, Rajasthan i.e. Sushil Udyog -Tradition of Excellence DEZARO LOGO). It was started on 1990 by Ms. Sushil Sharma.

Owner/ KeyPersons

The Company is being taken care of by a single handed personality Mr. Sunil Sharma, who hails from a family with many generations of Master Craftsmen. .


Our vision is to design a product on customer desire. To design a magnificent, artistic and traditional handicraft product with timely delivery and great customer satisfaction.


Dezaro specialty relies on our unique collection - Wooden Furniture, Gift items, fire-Screen products, Floorings, etc. which you will never find on any website. Explore a wide collection of antique handicraft and furniture with a royal look